Flute: Real renaissance musicians would have killed each other for one of these, and real renaissance audiences would no doubt have paid extra to watch them do it.

Saxophones: We prefer to think of them as post-medieval crumhorns.

Double Bass: A viol on steroids, and fairly life-threatening, illegal steroids at that.

Guitar: An Ovation guitar, with its distinctive round, lute-like body for some medieval authenticity. Pity it's made of polycarbonate.

Trumpet: Exactly like the horns played five centuries ago, except for the valves, slides, acrylic lacquer finish and Sardonyx valve buttons, available in three hot styles to lend your instrument a distinctive personal touch.

Electric Bass: We're certain these would have been very popular in Elizabethan times, had musicians of the day been able to get strings for them.

Recorder: Roland VS-2400CD 24-bit digital – much cooler than the old wooden kind you blow through.